Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Drumroll please . . .

So, I think I've told everybody in person or on the phone who reads this, so now I can post about it:

Paul and I are engaged!!!!! I'm so excited! And happy; did I mention happy? Yay!!! :::::waves arms like a puppet:::: Yay!!!!! Story time?

The Set-up
Last Friday was our 1st anniversary of dating. Paul asked me to go to breakfast with him at Saga since that's what we did the first day we were boyfriend and girlfriend. (I told him that I'm very grateful that he didn't propose at Saga, ha ha.) We also went to Anglican Prayer chapel together and ate lunch at my apartment. Paul said that he wanted to take me somewhere special at 5pm. My friends asked if I thought he would propose, and I said, "no" because Paul had said we go another anniversary if it didn't work out that one. Ha ha.

Frivolous Sidetrack About My Wonderful Shopping Skills
After Shakespeare class, Karen and I went dress shopping so that I could have a nice dress for our dinner date that night (mine and Paul's, not mine and Karen's). I don't think I've ever tried on so many dresses in such rapid succession before. . . . We spent around an hour at Dillard's but didn't find anything that just shouted "me!" Except for one dress, but it didn't quite fit So with only about 20 minutes left, we sped over to JC Penny where I did speed dress-shopping. I finally found a dress that looked really nice, was only $10 above my price range, and was two sizes smaller than the last dress I bought. BIG It turned out, when I went to pay for it, that it was actually $7 under my price range. Go me!

The Plot Thickens
So, I didn't get back until 5:30, but it was okay because it was too cloudy to watch the sunset anyway. So Paul drove us out to Lake Cherokee where we had our first date. We sat on his jacket on a rock by the lake and just talked for an hour. It was so beautiful. We kind of reflected on our year together and how, even though it's been hard sometimes, it has been so good and we care so much for each other.

The Proposal
When we decided that we should go back to get ready for dinner, Paul said, "If you stand up first, I can get my jacket." So I stood up, thinking it only slightly odd because Paul usually gets up first so that he can help me up. I stretched and then turned around to see what was keeping Paul. He had stayed on his knees. He said, "I love you." At this point, I was a little suspicious. Paul had said, "I love you," from that position before, but this seemed somewhat purposeful. Then Paul said, "Will you marry me?" and I thought, "Is he proposing?" And then I saw that Paul had a ring--well, mostly I just saw a sparkle 'cause it was dark out. I was so happy and excited that I didn't say anything at first. Then a little voice in the back of my mind said, "Say something before he gets nervous." So naturally, I said, "Yes."

Engagement! 001Engagement! 004

I am sooooooo happy. Paul is the most amazing man I have ever known. I love him so much. He's my best friend. We love spending time together. We can be silly, serious, romantic, fun, intellegent, and all sorts of things together. My family likes Paul and his family likes me. I couldn't be more happy. . . . Well, maybe once I'm Paul's wife . . .

Thanks to all of our friends for sharing our excitement and joy. I'm so happy.

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