Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meet Jameson

Wow. I really need to update more often. So, in the last month and a half, I finished Christy's wedding present, went to the Longview area for two weeks for graduation and Christy's wedding, got accepted into another grad school, sent my workshop submission to grad school (a ton of people I've never met are going to be reading my story!!! Ah!!!!), finished my scarf, almost finished my placemat, started working on more wedding present stuff, applied to a ton of jobs, and had one interview. Did I leave much out? Oh yeah, I got a new compy for my birthday!!! I guess technically it's only partially new. It's got new guts. But it's amazingly large and fast and new to me. :-D His name is Jameson.

I had an interview with Dress Barn on Monday and I have two interviews tomorrow, one with Ann Taylor and one with Gymboree. I have no idea which place I'd rather work. But thankfully, I think that they're interested enough that at least one of them will hire me (prayers are appreciated though). At this point, I don't really care too much what kind of job I get. I just need something part time to keep me busy and bring in a little money. Once Paul and I get settled in somewhere, I think I'd like to find an internship or something.

Well, seeing as how it's way past my bedtime, I should go. I'll try to get better about updating. Really.

P.S. I dreamed about Batman and Robin last night. All of the villains were after them. I mean all. I don't think they were gonna make it, but I woke up before then . . .

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