Sunday, June 07, 2009

Summer is Here!

I just had an awesome weekend! First of all :::drumroll::: I turned in my last packet of the semester!!! Yay!!! I have some time now to do some fun things and catch up on stuff (like blogging). So that was Friday. Yesterday, I spent birthday money at the fabric store getting supplies for my many sewing projects that I hope to work on this summer. Mom went with me, and we had fun. We also stopped by work so I could turn in some paperwork, and I got some new scents for 75% off at Bath and Body Works. Yay!

Paul, Harry, Mom, and I went to supper and then played Settlers of Catan (my birthday present from Harry). It was fun! Today, we went to church together (the four of us) and then had sandwhiches for lunch. Yum. I used some of my new sewing supplies. I also talked with Karen and Lina on the phone today. Yay!

So, a good weekend.


Lina said...

Hi Annie! Yes, "Sumer is acomen in..."
I'm going to try and revive my blogger--I've been wresting with it today and yesterday and I think I've about beaten it into submission... You should post more often--I enjoy reading!

Lina said...

Where is the best place for me to respond to your comments--your blogger or your xanga? I am so grateful for your comments by the way--sometimes it feels like I'm talking to an empty room!
I recently started a blog of Zambia as well--some stuff may be double posted, but its at if you want to check it out. How's your residency going? You know, YOU should post once in awhile..