Monday, April 20, 2009

Date Weekend

I just read a few of my old posts. Nobody else may enjoy reading what I write, but I sure get a kick out of it!

I just spent an hour or two trying hopelessly to find articles on my essay subject. I found none. I have Incas to thank for that. Or whoever came up with the concept of zero. I'm sure if no one had thought of zero, then I would have found some articles, just like how gravity didn't exist before Newton walked into an apple tree.

I had a pretty good weekend. On Friday, Paul and I were going to see wildflowers, but it was stormy. So after a day of searching for articles for my essay topic, Paul and I went on a date. We tried out a Greek restaurant we'd been curious about (it was yummy!). My gyro came with fries. I love America. ;-) After that, we went and saw Monsters vs. Aliens. It was pretty good. I'd probably give it a three or four star on my CG movie meter. I like Pixar movies the best, but Dreamworks movies aren't bad. I partly liked it 'cause Paul laughed so hard. Oh, and we went to Barnes and Noble. I like Barnes and Noble.

Saturday, I actually did some crafty stuff (pattern cutting). I haven't started sewing yet, but I'll get there. I also had work Saturday. That was okay except that the AC was broken. Hot.

Yesterday, Paul and I drove a little over an hour away to the wildflower fields. We had fun and got cool pictures. The wind was crazy, though! We had yummy German food for supper. Mmmm.

Poppies! Poppies will fix them. . . .

Not that all of that is super interesting, but too bad for you. ;-) I like reading my friends' blogs about their kids. Hopefully, in a few years or whatever God's timing is, my blogs will be more interesting 'cause I'll write about my cute kids.

Have a wonderful last full week of April!


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Linalos said...

Oh yes! Poppies CAN fix everything...just for a while though... JK...
I'm glad y'all are doing well! I hope we get to see you soon--it has been far too long!