Tuesday, April 26, 2005

So, I really don't want to do homework right now. I have a bit to do, I guess. But I don't want to. So, I thought, writing a post is probably the way to procrastinate feeling the least guilty 'cause maybe it'll get my writing juices flowing so that I can write my Brit Lit journals. Bleh.

On to profoundness! (that is in the title of this blog, afterall) I can't believe that in just a little over a week, I'll be halfway through with college. AHHHHHH!! By next (not this) Thursday, I'll be a Junior! Weirdness. Two weeks from yesterday, I'll be starting my first clock-in job (aside from five days at the dog groomers which didn't have set hours). I guess this job won't last much longer than the dog groomers, but it'll be more like a real job. Oh dear, I'm going to go crazy. This has been a great year. I know I had something profound to say, but nothing comes to mind. Today was my last PA meeting. It was nice. I'm gonna miss the other PA's. This Saturday my floor and our brother floor are going to the park. Yay! It will be fun. I've been looking forward to it all semester. I guess I should go be productive now. No wonder hardly anyone reads my blogs--all I say is "I can't think of what I had meant to say." Oh! I dreamed in Spanish again last night. This time, we weren't speaking Spanish, I was actually trying to remember how to construct logical sentences. That's what I get for doing homework right before bed . . . Here's a little something for your fun. If you think of things to add, let me know. (by the bye, I know this doesn't apply to everyone, it's just stuff that I've found happened to me)

Things That Happen To You When You Attend College:
  1. You stop refering to individual days; every day is either Mon-Wed-Fri, Tue-Thur, or the weekend, i.e.: "Is today a Mon-Wed-Fri or a Tue-Thur?" or "Thank goodness! today's the weekend."
  2. Going to bed early is anytime before midnight
  3. En route to McDonald's, you hear yourself say, "Finally! We get real food tonight."
  4. A fun Friday night is going to Wal-Mart
  5. Going to bed late is anytime after 4am
  6. Starting a project early is two days before it's due
  7. A lot of money is $5
  8. You generally go to bed around midnight to 2am, but occasionally go to bed as early as 9 or even 7pm
  9. Starting a project late is after midnight the night before it's due
  10. You know how to buy everything at the cheapest possible price for the best bargain
  11. And finally, you spend your free time--what's that again?

    Sammie G.

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