Saturday, April 30, 2005

Yesterday was an excellent last day of class. I still had to get up at seven and go to two classes, but I didn't go to chapel or to sleep or study during the chapel time. It was nice. For Spanish, we went to the little tex-mex place and got pastries. Then I ate lunch (which was terrible as usual--in fact, I think I just had mashed potatoes) and discovered that I didn't have to go to CS-I because I'd already done all the projects! Yay! So after Bible (during which I drew cartoon people that spoke in Spanish), I played the piano for two hours. Ah, that felt good, even though the piano was slightly out of tune and I couldn't sing because of this darn film on the back of my throat. I came back and people were watching Finding Neverland in my room. I watched the rest with them (just enough to make me tear up). And then we walked to supper in the rain. Ah, that was fun. Then I found out that the brothers were going to see Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy at 9:10. So, before the movie, Carolyn, Amanda, Jodie, Valerie, and I (it was like the veteran ELH-3ers!) went to the mall and got stuff. Well, I didn't really which was probably good. Then we discovered that we had to be back in fifteen minutes in order to leave for the movie at the prearranged time of 8:40. Carolyn and I (after dropping the others off) pulled into the brother floor parking lot exactly at 8:40! Yes! So we went to the movie. What can I say about that movie? It was pretty dang crazy. I laughed my head off at many parts. It was like an 80s movie with better effects! I loved it! It was definately worth 4 bucks! So I had mountains of relaxing fun to celebrate the last day of classes, and still went to bed before 1am! Craziness. We're going to the park in a little less than an hour, and I'm trying to procrastinate until then, even though I should be studying. So, I guess I'll study for stinking finals. Happy end of the semester!!!

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