Saturday, April 16, 2005

So, yesterday I said that about the only I could think of that could possibly be worse that what had already happened would be to be struck by lightening on a cloudless day. But then I'd go to heaven, and that would be tons better than being here (no matter how good your life is, heaven is always going to be better), so I concluded that it was about as bad as it was going to get. Of course, I was chuckling to myself the whole time I figured this out. I love my personality. I'm so glad God gave it to me. I find it very hard to be upset or sad. I usually wind up laughing at myself, which is an extreme blessing, considering that I'm a writer and consequently blow everything out of proportion and overdramatize it. After dinner last night was pretty good. Although, I was very cautious about eating (due to nausea all day), it was steak night last night, so of course I ate some. Then a bunch of us (sisters and brothers) played Apples to Apples (they love that game; it's awesome! thanks for giving it to me, Karen and Harry). Then Amanda sewed a quilt, and I sat in the lounge partly dosing and the rest of the time interjecting comments into Zoot and Bushey's conversation. When the rest of the people got back from the concert that they went to (which lasted entirely too long), Shawna and I went over to the brother floor lounge to watch the Princess Bride because we wanted to and Jason hadn't seen it before. That was lots of fun. So the end of the day made up for the beginning.

Despite the fact that I had trouble sleeping because I was coughing and that I woke up definately sick and weak (it's really funny), I'm in a much better mood this morning. I'm drinking some yummy chicken soup given to me by my mommy through Karen. I love my family. And I'm going to try to make it to Symphony tonight despite my severely weakend condition (writer). Oh! and I dreamed in Spanish last night! That was fun. I had strange dreams too . . .

Well, I'd better get to work on that paper that is due rather soon. Only two weeks of classes left! Yay! Fare thee well my adoring public!

Sammie G.

P.S. I did write that long-promised post about the Renaissance Faire (and it wasn't too shabby), but blogger shut down and didn't save it. Grrr. Hence the "computer's are evil" post on xanga. SG

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