Monday, April 25, 2005

Well, I was feeling very good about everything last week. I got ahead in my reading and Bible journals and got a history worksheet done nearly a week before it was due--I was doing pretty good. Then I went on the PA retreat (which was really fun by the bye) and came back. Now I'm remebering everything I have to do. I have to finish two sets of journals (one is thankfully near completion), redo my paper on which it was pretty much stated that I didn't need research and after I wrote it I was told I didn't have enough research, do the Spanish extra credit (which I need), and do all the computer stuff I have to. On top of that, we have a quiz today in Computer Science over a chapter I read a couple of weeks ago and so don't remember specifics so I'll probably flunk, and I got an e-mail today from one of the English teachers sayings, "It's time for you to complete one of your assignments as an English major. You have to complete a one-hour timed writing assignment where I'll give you a poem and you have to critically write about it. This is to measure your progress from your Sophmore to Senior years. It's nothing to stress about; just let me know what time this week would be good." (or something to that effect) What the heck? NO time this week will be the good; it's the dosh gone last week of classes before finals, do they think I have oodles of free time? And I was never told about this assignment, so I don't think they have any right to spring it on me like this. Plus, I'm switching majors as soon as the new one is available, so I don't want to do this assignment if it will become obsolete when I change. ARGH! This campus really needs to work on communication. Needless to say (I hope), I didn't reply to the e-mail right away. I'm waiting until I calm down. :) Well, teacher's here, class will start. Bye!

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