Wednesday, April 20, 2005

So yesterday was very productive for me. I read more than three days worth of Bible, wrote three Bible journals, finished my Spanish workbook and lab manual, studied for my Spanish test, and did my history worksheet--all after lunch! So I decided I wanted to do something. Well, last night was a little last minute, so I polled the floor and found out that Thursday would be best for doing something. I’m not very good at instigating, so Shawna did most of the instigating. She asked what could be our reason for going out (if we had a reason, more people might come) and I jokingly mentioned my (fake) birthday that was several weeks ago, and Shawna is awesomely sweet, so I think we’re going to celebrate my birthday!! I’m so happy! Alisha told me happy birthday today and it made my day. I’m excited. I was going to say something else, but I don’t remember what it was.

I think Saga food is making me sick because I’ve been slightly nauseated (especially after meals, hint hint) for more than a week. It makes me sad . . . I hope that Saga food isn’t ruining all of my internal organs with its over-fried, over-buttered, stale-and-week-old general nastiness. I sigh deeply. Oh well. Such is the college life, I suppose. On to more homework (although I got very much ahead, I have a paper due a week from Friday. I got feedback on it and I’m confused. I turned in a very rough draft for feedback and explained that I didn’t have a works cited page yet. I was told I didn’t need a works cited page if I only used the textbook. Well, I had gotten some chronology from elsewhere, but that’s it. Well, today the scribbled teacher-scrawl on my paper said that I didn’t have enough research and that quoting class lectures was a poor substitute for research. What happened to only needing to use the textbook? Good grief! teachers can be annoying sometimes. . . . anyway, so I should work on that). Have a wonderful evening everyone who doesn’t actually read this. Maybe I will see you sometime in the future . . .

Sammie G.

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