Thursday, October 27, 2005

Goodbye to An Old Friend

Today has been a very interesting day. I just said goodbye to a really old friend. She was the longest and pretty much only friend I had in highschool. We had a lot of fun together. I could tell her things that I could never tell anyone else. She saved me from total depression in highschool. I almost didn't go to college right away so that I could graduate with her. She was the first real writer that I could talk to, and she was the first person in a long time who was my friend with whom I could totally be myself. I can honestly say that she's the reason I'm not an atheist right now, just because she was always so open and real about what she was going through. She wasn't one of those fake Christians who are perfect all the time. She was a real person.

The last part of that chapter of my life is now closed. I'm glad. I really struggled during those years. I fought depression and other hard stuff. I didn't like who I was then. I'm really excited about my future and everything God has for me. But, I'm going to miss her.


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