Monday, October 17, 2005


I guess it's been a few days, huh? Well, where to begin?

Fall Fest week was . . . interesting. I wound up being almost the one in charge for a lot of the stuff, and it felt like we had very little floor participation compared to last year, but that's probably just 'cause I was doing so much. I know other people did a lot too (especially Kendall!!), but it felt like I was doing almost everything. So I got really tired. And then, Fall Fest didn't go at all how I had planned. It was really fun, so I wasn't disappointed, but it was interesting. A bunch of guys came this year, which was exciting 'cause girls almost always like to dress up and get pretty, so you can figure there will be a bunch of girls, but guys don't always like to get nice. I was really impressed with our brother floor yet again. They came over to meet us at our dorm and most of them acted like gentlemen the whole night. Shawna even asked Zoot to pull out our chairs for us! That was a life-savor. I think guys don't always realize what a pain it is to sit down in a poufy formal dress.

After Fall Fest, we went to the talent show where I played "Suite for a City"! I was so excited, and it went really well! I wish my body didn't react so adversely to preforming, though. My leg was shaking so badly I could hardly hold the pedal. Once the talent show ended, we changed and went to IHOP where I attempted to draw an IHOP map, but didn't do so well. I blame it on the pressure.

All in all, it was fun, even if I was so tired and had so much residual stress that I nearly burst into tears once or twice. I really need sleep, and I really need Fall Break. I'd better go eat lunch before my class.

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