Saturday, October 29, 2005

Happy Memories

Are you ever so happy that you hurt? I was that happy last night. I always think in memories--I think, "This was a good time" when I know I'll be able to look back on it and remember fondly all the fun I had.

Last night, a bunch of us went over to Bushey's house out in the country and had a cookout. Paul made some taco salad and stuff while Bushey cooked burgers and hot dogs. While supper cooked, we went outside and drove Bushey's riding lawnmower around (that was fun), played with the neighbor dogs, and played frisbee. Once supper was ready, we all piled around the kitchen (inadvertantly segregating so that the girls got the table . . . :::grins:::: ) and ate a yummy supper.

After supper, we hung out for awhile with guitars in the living room. Then those of us who hadn't cooked the meal cleaned it up. Carolyn and Rebecca left after dinner because they had stuff to do, but the rest of us crowded into the living room to watch The Pentagon Wars. I stayed for the first few minutes, and then went into the kitchen to help Shawna make yummy chocolate chip cookies. We finished the cookies right after the movie ended. Matt, Scott, and Nichole left after the movie. Then we went and looked at stars. But Demildt, Paul, Kyle, and I thought there was somebody else--maybe that was Nichole--anway, they left. The rest of us looked at stars for awhile, and I played the guitar just a little. Then we left (that would be Zoot, Jen, Kendall, Shawna, Kurt, and me).

Ah, that was so much fun. I was so happy to be in a house full of friends, having a cookout, watching a movie, doing dishes, and making cookies. It felt so unbelievably perfect--like what college is, what I'll remember when I look back. I won't remember whethere I got an A or a D in this or that class; I'll remember cookouts at friend's houses, sitting around the brother floor lounge singing praise songs, ordering in pizza to watch "Gilmore Girls" on a Wednesday night, and staying up late to talk about tesseracts and marriage with two of the best friends I've had. This is what memories are made of. God is so incredably good. I'm so grateful for the life I have.

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