Monday, October 03, 2005

A Great Weekend!!!!

So, this is a really long post, but I had to write it out before I forgot everything, and I don’t handwrite as fast as I type, so basically, you’re getting the full length/journal version of my weekend. You don’t have to read the whole thing, but I had a fun weekend, so you should. Just kidding. Well, enjoy! And then get back to homework! ;-)

Wow! I just had the most awesomest weekend ever! (and yes, I know that was terrible grammar) My wonderful weekend started Friday after supper when Shawna, Carolyn, and I were coming back from dinner. As we passed by the side of our dorm, Christy stuck her head out of her window and yelled down to us. We decided to play catch, so Christy threw a glue stick at us. We didn’t catch it. Carolyn, Shawna, and I took turns trying to throw it back up. Carolyn could get it at the right height, but Christy couldn’t catch it. A bunch of the guys over at Quad 2 saw us and yelled, “Throw it underhand!” Carolyn did so—and the glue stick went right into the window below Christy’s. It went straight through the blinds as though a vacuum had sucked it in. Carolyn, Shawna, and I all collapsed on the ground laughing hysterically. And then the glue stick came popping back out. We didn’t try to throw it up anymore. As Jennie so aptly put it, “ELH-2 must hate us!” But actually, we think it was Jane’s room, so it’s okay. She’s sweet.

The lovely Friday continued when Kendall, Christy, Nichole, and I went over to the brother floor. We decided we wanted to play X-Box, but we weren’t sure how to set it up. Then Ben came out and called sort of dejectedly to the guys, “Does anyone want to play Halo?” When we immediately said, “Yes!” he sort gawked and said something like, “Really? Sweet!!” and went to set it up. Well, Kendall and I wound up going to the jazz chapel with Kurt, Paul, Kyle, Scott, and Jason (who showed up late). But when we came back, Kendall, Melby, and I joined the guys for a game of Halo 2. Kendall, Melby, Jason, and I wound up in the lounge on one X-Box while four other guys played in another room (since they were in another room, I’m not entirely sure who was playing when). Well, they put those of us in the lounge on one team while they joined another team. The effects were—amusing. Melby was the most experienced out of those of us on my team. We did pretty badly, but it was so much fun! And I actually got some people! Yay!!

After Halo, I went up to my room to take out my contacts. I finally got a hold of my mom to wish her happy birthday (Happy Birthday, Mom!). Then Kendall, Melby, Josh, Kyle, Bushey, Paul, and I (all squished in Kendall’s minivan) went to Whataburger and had some deep conversations about marriage, heaven, and Star Wars. ;-) Kendall was sad that she isn’t a nerd—by saying that, she implied that I was a nerd. I said I was no such thing! But then the entire night, I kept noticing all my nerdy things. Well, first of all, I realized that my car key is on a Darth Vader key chain—dead give away. Then I remembered that I have a stuffed Darth Vader sitting on my bed. And then I did the Live Long and Prosper sign (plus Die Young and In Poverty and the Vulcan handshake. . . .). And then I let slip that I had subscribed to the Star Wars Insider for four years. Yeah, I think I might be a nerd, after all. How sad! ;-)

Saturday, I refused to get up before 11am because I was so tired. Nichole and I went to lunch all by ourselves, but a bunch of the guys showed up, so we wound up staying at Saga for forever—it felt good! Then I did laundry, read my book, wrote a little, did one OwLet critique, played guitar, and otherwise goofed off. It felt good, too. After supper, I went with Lina to Books a Million where we hung out looking at calendars and listening to some old fashioned blue grass music. Afterwards, Lina dropped me off at the dollar theater where Bushey, Kendall, Kurt, Jen, Scott, and I saw The Island. I have to say it was better the first time when I saw it on Sibling Bonding Day, but it was still fun.

After the movie, we hung out in the parking lot for a little (Scott accosted a cop), and then Kendall, Jen, Kurt, and I went to Skateplex for Red Neck Skate Night. We were a little early, so we went and played on this awesome playground first. It was so much fun! Then of course, we went skating. Let’s see, Jennie, Carolyn, Christy, Nichole, Tim, and Bryan came to skate night, too. I’m sure I’m forgetting somebody. I always do. Was Jason there? Oh, I have a bad memory. Anyway, we skated for awhile, ate yummy Papa Jon’s pizza, and stuff like that. Some of the people left early (somewhere between 12:45 and 1:15—Kendall I can’t agree), but Kendall, Nichole, Jennie, Kurt, Bryan, and I stayed for the whole time. Which means I didn’t get to bed until between 2:30 and 3:00am.

And yet, I still woke up for church the next day! Amazing! I had missed the last two weeks of church, so I really wanted to go. Kendall and Nichole came along, too (Kendall because her church wasn’t open or something . . .). After church, I was gonna do homework—I really was!—but, then Kendall and I decided that it would be fun to go to the church’s college student lake party. We were only going to stay for a couple of hours at the most. I thought it would be a good way to meet people. So, Kendall, Kurt, and I piled into the car and drove out to a rather nice lake—and spent the whole afternoon there! We ate yummy burgers, swam in the lake, and went on the boat. We rode this banana thing behind the boat, but man was it hard to stay on! My arms are sore. Later, Kendall and I sat in the boat while Kurt and Daniel (we did meet one person! ;-) ) went water skiing. I did get to talk to the pastor some, for which I was glad. And I had twice as much fun as I should have in honor of Shawna. :-D Ah, it was fun. Of course, none of us had any sunscreen, so we got a little burned.

We got back from the lake, and Kendall and I decided that we were hungry, so we went to Applebee’s. A splurge, I know. But, I still got all of my homework done by ten! (It only took me about an hour and a half.) God is so awesome. He knew how much I needed this weekend in order to survive the rest of the semester because honestly, I was about ready to drop.

So, time to face another week. I can’t believe that Fall Fest is next week! I have a talent show audition on Wednesday and AMANDA IS COMING on Thursday, I think. Yay! Um, what else? I dunno.

Okay, I should go do homework. This thirty-minute, two page post in the blog of Annie was brought to you by:

Craziness, Incorporated—bringing movie quotes and nerdy dates (the calendar kind) right to your doorstep!

Tune in next time, same Bat-time, same Bat-channel, to find out what happens next!

P.S. This weekend more than made up for last weekend! Yay!!!

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Kendall said...

I would just like to add that this weekend was only amazing, because we bonded in it. I've never posted on one of these things, so feel special! Love you bunches (Am I allowed to write that? Oh well I do!)