Friday, October 21, 2005

Too Tired to Talk

So, yeah. Tired. That's me. Hi, nice to meet you Tired, I am Torrence. Hello Torrence, I'm really tired.

So, we went to play intramural soccer last night, and the other team showed up in our colour. That was sort of annoying. And the refs made us wear the yellow pinnies even though grey has always been our colour. But we had a really fun day. Right up to the broken nose and concussion . . . So, I was at the ER with Kendall, Jen, and Jodie until 1:30am. Then we took awhile to get Kendall's prescription. And then we were hungry, so we ate IHOP. I'm ready to go home. Yay for Fall Break! But first, I have a Spanish test . . . . If I surive, I will post later . . . .

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